Text Box: Harrison Labs audio division designs and manufactures products such as audio amplifiers, crossovers, midi products, organ midi sound generators, organ sound enhancements,1/3 octave graphic equalizers and many more audio items made in the USA. IT’S A HARRISON”!  
Hlabs provides quality USA made products with the best compromise between looks and function. Our products are technologically advanced and use high grade components.
AudioEngine™, FluxCap™, FMOD™, FMODCABLE™, POWERMOWSE™, SUPERMOWSE™, SmartCap™, PFMOD™, & SEMOD™ are trade marks owned by Harrison Organ Works, HLABS, Tom Swift Labs, Harrison Labs, Harrison Laboratory, which are company trade names of Harrison Laboratories® . All rights reserved. Some of our customers include Lockheed Martin, SAIC, Rixens Enterprises, Parts Express, and Wanco Inc
Harrison Labs facility is 100% powered by solar energy. However, this is not because of any concern about the theory of global warming or climate change since man’s efforts to affect weather and or climate is like a flea trying to carry a locomotive.
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Contract AssemblyFounded 1979Text Box: Benji Harrison Speaks!
Those that attack any government buildings, and destroy property are not protestors. They are the enemies of America and in fact terrorists. The war against America in Portland can be stopped within a couple of days. Bring in the military in whatever number of troops required, and round up the whole lot and send them to Guantanamo Bay detention camp for 6 months. After release, if any of these terrorists resume their “activities” then they are sentenced for 10 years. 
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