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Harrison LABoratorieS, inc.

Manufacturing Service List

Using surface mounted components results in a fast, reliable, and low cost circuit board assemblies. For example a 2 layer 5” X 8” board with 180 smt components sells for less than $100 for small quantities including most parts and PC boards less applicable setup charges.

SMT Pick and Place PCB Assemblies

Either supply your schematic or block diagram and we will design your custom circuit board at only $35 per hour. You may purchase the layout gerber files, blank PC boards, boards stuffed with SMT parts, or completed board assemblies.

Schematic Capture and PCB Layout

Electrical products most always require mechanical components which are typically costly to have built in a typical machine shop. Hlabs can help in this area especially when high precision is unnecessary. Our standard machining prototype rates are typically $50 per hour.

Prototype and First Article Building

and one of our Class D amplifiers modified for a US Navel project. You supply the requirement and Hlabs will find a cost effective solution that works for you.

Research, Development, & Special Project

Whether you need 1 prototype or several thousand, Hlabs provides high quality completed assemblies here in the USA. Surface mounted components are automatically placed on one side and through hole parts are hand placed on either or both sides.

Assembly—Production and Prototypes

No product is complete without documentation such as assembly manual, instruction manual, or service guide. Promotional material can be tailored to display the marketing features of your product. Our technical writers are also engineers that know the product inside out.

Documentation—Technical Writing Service