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Harrison LABoratorieS, inc.

Harrison Labs is currently developing MIDI based products and sound generation system for the music industry including MIDI converters for keyboard instruments such as analog and digital organs. For the outdoor market we are developing a hybrid bicycle control system and battery charge control device.

Hlabs was contracted to develop several furnace controllers for a company that needed an improved diesel furnace controller for mobile hydronic heating systems for coaches and marine use. Using the customer’s specifications we developed a low cost unit

Originally developed for use in a Corvette as a high end removable sound system that would easily fit behind the seats. The patented enclosure for the woofer section has the 5 channel amplifier heat sink in the wall of the waveguide where the bass pulses cool the heat sink. 30 to 20khz +/- 2db  113db output

This project enabled the customer to compare production knock sensors without using an internal combustion engine for the tests. Each knock sensor can be readily mounted and rapidly evaluated with little residual acoustical noise.

Company CEO developed a unique desiccant air dryer controller that senses the temperature gradient in each tower media chamber that causes the regeneration air circuit to switch at the ideal time that depends on the condition of the desiccant beds or chambers. He assigned the patent to Wilkerson Corporation.

A manufacturer of highway products contracted us to develop a very low current cost effective controller for their arrow board trailers with the newer LED indicator lamps. Using proprietary LED driving techniques we were able to keep the board current extremely low.

Furnace Controller for Diesel Furnaces

Switching Controller for Twin Tower Desiccant Air Dryers

Engine Knock Sensor Tester

Tri-Amplified Self-contained Sound System

Arrow board Controller (Exclusive to this company)

Industrial Products